Giving Back Breakfast (Online)

March 2022

Continuing tradition, we’ll host our annual Giving Back Breakfast. Broadcasting right to your living room, during #ACH22.

How it works

The Legal Corner: IP Strategy
March 25, 2021
We're going deep into Intellectual Property! With 20+ years working with tech companies on key strategic IP issues, SLG will be there to share top tips & answer any questions you have.
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Find launching partners & start testing!
March 25, 2021
A crucial part of startup development is to put a solution to the test - preferably in a real life situation. Even better if you have a launching customer. How can you create a testing opportunity for yourself? What's the value in doing so?
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Finding your way in the alternative funding jungle
March 26, 2021
Founders spend a significant portion of their time raising capital. The most common source of funding is Venture Capital, but there are many other flavors out there. What options are out there for you & how can they benefit your startup?
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Every entrepreneur has key figures that impact them along their journey, and you can never have too many.

We're giving back by connecting the bright minds behind our fast-growing startups with executives and leaders that can help guide their growth.

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Greatness is not what you have,
it's what you GIVE

Pay it forward
Inviting mentors from large tech and impact companies - to give back with their time and expertise. Lending an ear to promising startups, offering feedback & support with no-strings-attached.
Curated mentorship
We're inviting up to 50 purpose-driven founders to attend our virtual breakfast. Connecting with 2-3 mentors, matched to fit their current growth challenges.
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Turn up the impact

This year, we're focusing on a few SDG's and tech-for-good.
Inviting founders creating a better world & solving some of the world's pressing challenges.

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